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Work Models and Approaches

Core Functions

STUNS provides thought leadership, foresight and launch strategic initiatives through three core functions.

Meeting Place & Discussion Forum

STUNS develops strategic meeting places and discussion forums where local and regional decision-makers can gather around common goals, challenges and opportunities. The purpose of these forums is to attain foresight and consensus between all actors and stakeholders in the innovation system.

Co-creation & System Perspective

STUNS adopt a holistic systems perspective that includes academia, business and society. STUNS will initiate, test and develop new forms of public-private partnerships within areas that the founders have agreed on.

Outlook & Insight

STUNS assist with continuous needs- and external analysis for impact and improvement work, as well as regional, national and international strategic network building.

Guiding Principles

STUNS' guiding principles set a framework for the organization’s working methods, relationship with the surrounding world and contact with stakeholders.

Evidence-based & Independent

STUNS will provide evidence-based insights with strategic height, which works for the entire Uppsala region and its rise of knowledge-intensive businesses.

Sustainable Approach

STUNS has a sustainable approach that provides added values to the founders' regular activities and that harmonizes with the goals in Agenda 2030.

Multi-stakeholder Participation

STUNS ensures broad support and bring together decision-makers from Uppsala’s innovation system.

Knowledge-intensive Activities

STUNS nurtures and develop knowledge-intensive activities, focusing on entrepreneurship and industries that create long-term value.


With our strong drive, we are constantly making sure we create change; with action rather than words and at a system-level rather than in the details. By encouraging dissent and always including other people, we work for a broad collaboration, both internally and externally. Thanks to our curiosity, we dare to think outside the box, and we encourage others to do the same, which creates the hotbed for innovative ideas.

Change drivers

We prioritize processes with high potential for change, where we break new ground between disciplines and between industries.

We invite to unprejudiced dialogues together with key actors.

We create conditions for sustainable change, with action rather than words.

I am perceptive, brave and persistent.

I look at the whole picture to determine the right direction and to see the areas where I make the biggest impact.

I am creative and innovative in my way of working to be able to help other organizations change at a system-level.


We like when differences meet and we believe that everyone, regardless of background, has something to contribute.

We invite everyone who wants and can contribute, both internally and externally.

We are responsive and cooperative.

I see others and I dare to bring the uninvited guest.

I act without prestige.

I value competence and courage instead of title.


We are open-minded and dare to think outside the box.

We dare to run far in thought.

We think that new and odd ideas sound exciting.

I ask, listen and share.

I dare to think differently, and I appreciate when someone questions me.

I encourage others to be curious and to come up with new ideas.