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Chairman and CEO have the floor

Stefan Attefall

Chairman STUNS

Andreas Larsson


The Uppsala region's innovation system has constantly developed to support the enthusiasm, risk appetite and drive of entrepreneurs, and at the same time take advantage of opportunities that arise at the intersection of academia, business and society.

STUNS is today a collaboration platform where the Uppsala region’s strategic issues and efforts regarding knowledge-intensive activities are discussed and, if necessary, launched. STUNS’ working methods are well-entrenched in academia, business and society and aim to achieve consensus, foresight, collaboration and co-creation regarding strategically important issues for the Uppsala region.

This is a prerequisite for finding sustainable innovative solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Board of Directors

Stefan Attefall

Governor, County Administrative Board of Uppsala

Anders Hagfeldt

Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University

Maria Knutson Wedel

Vice-Chancellor, SLU

Emilie Orring (M)

Chair of the County Council, Uppsala County Council

Erik Pelling (S)

Mayor, City of Uppsala

Tomas Stavbom

Director, Uppsala Chamber of Commerce


Therez Almerfors (M)

City council, Uppsala kommun

Cecilia Magnusson

County Council, County Administrative Board of Uppsala

Helena Proos (S)

Second vice Chair of the County Council, Uppsala County Council

Caroline Sjöberg

University Director, Uppsala University

Joakim Fagerudd

Sitemanager, Sandvik Coromant

Torleif Härd

Dean, SLU


Joachim Danielsson

CEO, City of Uppsala

Johan von Knorring

Regional Director, Uppsala County Council

External Management Team

Urban Eriksson

CEO, SLU Holding

Stefan Frank

Vice president, Favro

Ulrica Hedman

CEO, Länsförsäkringar Uppsala

Kristina Jansson

Tf avdelningschef Samhällsavdelningen, Länsstyrelsen Uppsala län

Jenny Nordquist

Unit Manager, Uppsala University Collaboration

Andreas Scheutz

Director Dept. of Research, Innovation & Enterprise, Uppsala County Council

Charlotte Skott

Business Director, City of Uppsala

Mirja Cedercrantz

Näringspolitisk strateg, Handelskammaren i Uppsala län

Björn Berg

VD, Ngenic


The Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organisation for the Stockholm and Uppsala Capital Region. The core business of the Chamber of Commerce is to develop policies and to influence decision-makers on major issues affecting the business sector. Together with its 2 000 members, and through close contact with politicians and leading business experts across industries, the Chamber advocates for pro-business political decisions in the region. It is also an important platform for its member companies for whom it organizes over 300 business events annually.

The County Administrative Board is a government authority that exists in close proximity to the people in each county. They are an important link between the people and the municipal authorities on the one hand and the government, parliament and central authorities on the other. The commission of the County Administrative Board is to work for development where the environment, economic growth and good living conditions go hand-in-hand. The goal is a clean living environment, a stable labour market and a good life for the residents. In order to achieve this; the County Administrative Board focuses on, among other areas, energy and climate, infrastructure planning, integration, sustainable community planning and housing, nature conservation and environmental and public health.

Uppsala County Council is for those who live and work in the entire Uppsala County. Uppsala County Council works for the region to be innovative, growing and a region for everyone, with the aim of creating the right conditions for health, sustainability and development. Uppsala County Council wants its citizens to thrive in the county, being a county where everyone wants to live, work and develop. Uppsala County Council is a politically controlled organization that is responsible for issues related to health care, public transport, culture, and regional development. Together with the county's municipalities, colleges, businesses and other players they create the best conditions for all their residents.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is a world-class international university with research, education and environmental assessment within the sciences for sustainable life. Its principal sites are in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala, but activities are also conducted at research stations, experimental parks and educational establishments throughout Sweden. SLU has a very high position in several international university rankings, for instance it has been ranked top 10 out of over 26,000 degree-granting institutions of higher education worldwide in Forestry, Soil Science, Biodiversity Conservation and Veterinary Sciences.

City of Uppsala is responsible for such things as childcare, schools and care of the elderly. The City of Uppsala looks after the water supply and wastewater treatment; it manages the streets, waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental protection and fire prevention. They also have libraries and ensure that the citizens have access to various activities during their leisure time. The City of Uppsala also work to promote the business sector, energy and housing. It is important that people who live in the City of Uppsala are satisfied with the services the Municipality offers.

Uppsala University is the Nordic region’s oldest university – founded in 1477 – and is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. More than 40,000 students study at the university, and nearly 5,000 researchers and teachers conduct world-leading research and offer a seemingly endless number of courses. Among the university’s alumni there are 15 Nobel Prize laureates, of which 8 received their prizes for discoveries made during their time at Uppsala University.