The Uppsala region in the innovation economy

Regional competitiveness must go hand in hand with the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030 as Uppsala embraces the fourth industrial revolution. Industry boundaries are blurred, and seemingly disparate innovation areas are merged to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Uppsala strengthens its position as Sweden's fourth largest city and as the northern node in the Stockholm metropolitan region. Uppsala has several of the strengths that many places in the world aim for; internationally leading academic institutions, high value production industries, knowledge-intensive businesses, rich cultural life, high proportion of young people, burgeoning entrepreneurship, highly skilled population, a green, sustainable and livable city, good communications within Uppsala, and close proximity to Arlanda airport and Stockholm.

However, competition between the world's knowledge-intensive cities and regions is intensifying, with more and more countries changing to an innovation-based economy. These countries are thus advancing their positions in the global value chains, while at the same time establishing new strategic partnerships. As an innovation hub, they drive exports, economic activity, and sustainable regional growth.

As Uppsala grows, it is important to mobilize private and public actors to strengthen competitiveness and achieve common goals. In a changing world, co-creation between universities, business and society is required to strengthen Uppsala region's competitiveness and attractiveness. Therefore, STUNS facilitate public-private collaboration to support knowledge-based activities and thus long-term value-creation. As a leading meeting place and collaboration platform, STUNS helps develop new ideas and launch strategic initiatives that strengthen the city and region's competitiveness and sustainable growth.

STUNS 2019-2021

STUNS will contribute to strengthening the Uppsala region, Uppsala County and the metropolitan area as a leading node in the Nordics for knowledge-intensive industries and talent attraction by understanding how global value chains, the fourth industrial revolution, Agenda 2030 and other factors affect and shape the conditions for sustainable, regional growth and competitiveness. This in turn will contribute to achieving the regional vision and goal "A good life in an innovative knowledge region with international attractiveness".

STUNS, together with other actors in the regional innovation system, and national and international strategic partners, will create meeting places, discussion forums, collaboration platforms and evidence-based insights in order to create lasting competitive advantages in a ever changing world.